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How to setup vmware ESXi with single IPv4 and IPv6 address (Kimsufi)

If you are familiar with Kimsufi from OVH which provide really cheap servers but just one IPv4 and IPv6 address with it. When you get a good hardware for really cheap, you would probably want it virtualized and vmware will be the obvious choice. How to setup vmware with just one IPv4 and IPv6? If you talk to a vmware ...

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How to extend trial period of Office 2016 preview and Office 365

If you have a installed Office 2016 preview version of Office 2016 then its probably time for it expire after 180 days of free trail. Once this period expire, Office will go to read only mode and won’t allow you to edit any documents. Luckily like every microsoft product, Office can also be rearmed to extend the trail beyond the ...

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Idea 2G Internet Plans and Data Packs for Kerala

Idea 2G Mobile Prepaid Plans and Data Packs Sachet Pack MRP (Rs.) Data Benefit Data Validity (Days) Overage FUP limit Mode Of Recharge 7 35 MB 1 4ps/10KB NA E-Recharge or Dial *150*07# 154 750 MB 21 4ps/10KB NA E-Recharge or Dial *150*154# Limited volume packs and Freedom pack MRP (Rs.) Data Benefit Data Validity (Days) Overage FUP limit Mode ...

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Idea 3G Internet Plans and Data Packs for Kerala

Idea 3G Mobile Prepaid Plans and Pack Limited Volume Packs MRP (Rs.) Data Benefit Data Validity (Days) Overage FUP limit Mode Of Recharge 199 600 MB 28 4ps/10KB NA E-Recharge 249 1 GB 28 4ps/10KB NA E-Recharge 448 2 GB 30 4ps/10KB NA E-Recharge Sachet Pack MRP (Rs.) Data Benefit Data Validity (Days) Overage FUP limit Mode Of Recharge 8 ...

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Vodafone 3G and 2G Internet Plans for Kerala

Vodafone 3G Plans MRP 3G Benefit Validity (days) 11 45 MB 1 29 120 MB 3 49 200 MB 5 104 300 MB 28 149 500 MB 28 251 1 GB 28 375 1.5 GB 30 449 2 GB 30 649 Unlimited (Post 3GB speed will be 64kbps) 30 849 5 GB 30 1249 8 GB 30 1505 10 GB ...

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Vodafone 4G LTE Mobile Internet Plans for Kerala, Kochi

Vodafone recently launched its 4G LTE service in Kochi, Kerala. To use Vodafone 4G, customer must meet following requirements. 1.  4G SIM 2.  4G handset 3.  Selecting LTE / 4G in network settings 4.  Being present in 4G zone (4G area) Below we mentioned are the 4G plan available. MRP Benefit Validity (Days) 11 45MB 1 29 120 MB 3 49 200 MB 5 ...

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How to disable Protected Mode of Internet Explore 11 through group policy?

When printing from Internet Explore 11, user gets a blank page instead of its contents. The same occur in the print preview page also. As per Microsoft article the issue can be disabled by either by turning off Protected Mode or Reset low integrity level on the Low folder. To apply this solution domain wide you can disable Protected Mode through Group Policy. 1) ...

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How to enable/disable new groups feature in Office 365 Outlook Web App?

Microsoft has rolled out new Groups feature in Office 365. This will let users create custom email groups right from their Outlook Web App. Many admins prefer this feature disabled as they want to have authority over group creation in their tenancy. How to disable group creation? The group feature is enabled by default in OWA policy in Office 365. ...

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LSI MegaRAID Pred Fail Count and Media Error Count: Hard Disk failure

If you check LSI MegaRAID logs, you may notice an error with Predictive failure: 2. This normally indicate that one of your HDD is going to fail very soon. MegaRAID gets this information from S.M.A.R.T of each HDD. MegaRaid Controller you may notice a red/amber LED flashing. You can confirm this by selecting each disk in MegaRAID and checking Pred Fail Count value. If the value ...

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Dell Open Manage hardware log non-critical warning

When you login to Dell Open Manage server software, you may notice a warning sign right next to Main System Chassis. On further drill down the option you will find the error was triggered by Hardware Logs. The warning is triggered when the Hardware Log is full. New events will overwrite the older logs but the warning will get cleared only ...

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Orbit downloader ad free version download


Orbit downloader was one of the best freeware download manager available before it become an adware. With the release of Orbit Downloader , ads started appearing inside the program and computers installed. Below is the link to download the original adfree Orbit Downloader downloader version It is fast and light weight without any ads or malware. Support: Windows XP, Windows ...

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Original Mobile Partner 21 download. USSD Voice Call SMS


Mobile Partner was the first dashboard software for Huawei data cards. The original Mobile Partner was clean, lite, super fast and easy to use. The current versions are highly customized by Huawei and are very slow to respond and sometimes heavy on memory. Mobile Partner version is the final version of the original Mobile Partner dashboard software. This version support ...

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Hostgator revises hosting plans pricing. Comparison with old price


Hostgator has just announced increase in hosting plan pricing. Most of the plans have been hiked by almost 20%. Below is a quick comparison of old pricing and new pricing. Source: Below is an email send by Hostgator to its affiliate partners regarding the price change. On Tuesday, August 25th starting at 7:30am CST, HostGator will be increasing pricing on ...

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How to remove PDF password with Chrome. Step by step with screenshot.


You often receive password protected PDF in your email. If you want to share it with someone or on the internet you may want to remove the password first. The easiest method is to use your Chrome browser. Note: You need to know the password to open the document before it can be remove. How to remove PDF password with Chrome ...

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